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Titanic Primary 7 Trip

Primary 7 pupils recently attended the Titanic Museum in Belfast.  They had a wonderful day and they learned about the history of the Titanic.  They discovered more about the design of the Titanic and how it came to be such a revolutionary build for that period of time.  The children found out that in addition to ornate decorations, the Titanic featured an immense first-class dining saloon, four elevators, and a swimming pool. Its second-class accommodations were comparable to first-class features on other ships, and its third-class offerings, although modest, were still noted for their relative comfort.  As to safety elements, the Titanic had 16 compartments that included doors which could be closed from the bridge, so that water could be contained in the event the hull was breached. Although they were presumed to be watertight, the bulkheads were not capped at the top. The ship’s builders claimed that four of the compartments could be flooded without endangering the liner’s buoyancy. The system led many to claim that the Titanic was unsinkable.  The Titanic It had a gross registered tonnage (i.e., carrying capacity) of 46,328 tons, and when fully laden the ship displaced (weighed) more than 52,000 tons. The Titanic was approximately 882.5 feet (269 metres) long and about 92.5 feet (28.2 metres) wide at its widest point.

It was truly wonderful day for both Primary 7 classes.

Titanic | History, Sinking, Rescue, Survivors, Movies, & Facts | Britannica



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