Sentinus Project Summer Scheme 2021 | St Joseph's Convent Primary School Newry

Sentinus Project Summer Scheme 2021

This summer the school participated in a summer scheme with Sentinus STEM : Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  STEM provide a wide range of programmes for young people of all ages to give them exciting and rewarding experiences through the STEM subjects.  Although focusing on science, technology, engineering and maths, it encourages the children to learn through personal development through problem solving, team working, target setting, working with adults and independently.

The childrens activities included making a Knex car, making a solar powered desk fan, a wind turbine and parachutes.

The children participated in various projects which ranged from building a car using only Knex to using robotic technology and programming, which enabled them to develop their IT skills further.  The children had to use IT program to give the set of instructions to the robot car and it must be done in single step stages to ensure the ultimate challenge was achieved.  This challenge was to ensure that the car made it’s full way round a roadmap, which included turns, rotation and a roundabout manoever.

The children thoroughly enjoyed this programme and they were able to use their own imagination and creativity.

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