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Primary 7 School Trip – Funtasia


Last Friday 31st May, the p7s went to Funtasia in Bettystown for their end of year trip. When we arrived, everyone went to the soft play area and we all played for half an hour. We all played tag. Once we got out, we went to eat chicken nuggets or a burger. Once we finished, we sang happy birthday to our caretaker. After that, we got to run around and play games and go on rides. Some people went on the bumper cars downstairs and upstairs was the smaller cars and a lot of arcade games. Most people were eager to go on the slingshot. It was an amazing fast ride. Some of us went to the bowling alley and went bowling. It was really fun. When it was nearly time to go, we all rushed to the nearest ticket counter. Some of us bought bouncy balls, blow up hammers, and puzzle games or some toys. We each got separate buses leaving Funtasia. On the bus back to school, we sang songs. We had an amazing time at Funtasia and it was really nice of our teachers to give us this opportunity.

Sean and Evelina P7 McK



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