Primary 6 Mrs McCartney's Class Assembly | St Joseph's Convent Primary School Newry

Primary 6 Mrs McCartney’s Class Assembly

On Friday 15th November, Mrs McCartney’s class assembly was performed for the children of the school.  The theme of the assembly was ‘Love’.  The children delivered a powerful message about the importance of love and how that we all have our own unique talents and that we have been given these talents by God.  The children used the basis of ‘superheroes’ to deliver their message about talents.  That not everyone needs to be a superhero in order to love or have talents.  We have our talents and that we should use them everyday in the way that God has asked us to do.  The best way to help others is to give them love and to offer kindness and support to those who may need it most.  ‘Love is putting someone else’s needs before our own’.  A truly wonderful assembly, well done children.

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