Mrs Moore's Primary 2 Assembly | St Joseph's Convent Primary School Newry

Mrs Moore’s Primary 2 Assembly

Spring is also a time of growth and change. Winter can be a time for reflecting and thinking about yourself and your life, perhaps about change. How have things changed for you? Can you act on those things? What will your spring be like? Will you continue to trudge along in the same way, or will you be like the flowers and the daffodils, embracing the changes to come and waving around in the spring breeze?

It gives us the opportunity to think about:

The signs of new life, the opportunity to reach for new beginnings, a chance to think about changes inside and outside, how the world moves in an exciting a new way and more importantly we pray and hope for good times ahead for everyone we know.

Spring is something to be excited about. We can also start to look forward to the next season of summer. Let’s look at nature and appreciate how it comes to life and how that buzz of activity can be the same for us, too.

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