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Learning Support Centre


Number of Classes: 2 (Junior & Senior)
Type of Provision: Learning Support Centre
Type of School: Maintained

Our Learning Support Class provides a welcoming, caring environment for pupils with learning difficulties. It aims to provide the pupils with opportunities to develop in all aspects of the curriculum at a rate and in a manner that is individual to them. It also aims to extend their social and life skills by providing a rich and varied range of learning opportunities.

Teacher in Each Class


Classroom Assistant in Each Class


Both Learning Support Classes are situated in the school premises in a manner which links pupils with the mainstream classes. The pupils integrate with their peers in many aspects of school life – assembly, dinner hall, playground. Pupils are also integrated into mainstream classes where it is deemed appropriate for them to do so and at a level which supports and fosters their self-esteem.

Highlights/Special Events

The school strives to provide opportunities which enhance the pupils’ life skills. When appropriate they make visits to the local environment and utilize local amenities. Pupils have the opportunity to go horse riding during the year.


Special Education Needs

Approximately one in five children will have special educational needs (SEN) at some time during their school career. Click the button below to find out how we support children with Special Needs.


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