St Joseph's Convent Primary School | General School Aims

General School Aims

We strive to create an enjoyable atmosphere at St Joseph's Convent. One where pupils can not just learn but have fun while learning. We work with all of our pupils to develop their varied and unique talents. By ensuring there is an environment to help pupils grow in confidence in every aspect of school life, St Joseph's Convent offers the best platform for your child in early life.

Our Most Important School Aims are:


To help the children acquire and develop moral and religious values, and a respect for the beliefs and values held by others


To give the children the opportunity to develop spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally


To provide a broad and balanced curriculum for every child according to their ability and thus prepare them for future life

Environmentally Friendly

To give children an awareness and appreciation of their environment so that they will care for and protect it

Happy Environment

To create a happy and stimulating environment for the children


To encourage a sense of self-esteem and an appreciation of others


To foster a desire to learn and to take responsibility for their own leaning


To help the children deepen their Catholic faith and live it out

Morning Assembly

Each morning there is an assembly for children so that they begin each day with prayer. During the school year each class presents an assembly for the rest of the school. Other forms of liturgical worship take place during the school year.

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