Newry Parish Bulletin Sunday 6th March 2022 | St Joseph's Convent Primary School Newry

Newry Parish Bulletin Sunday 6th March 2022

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Newry Parish Bulletin Sunday 6th March 2022

Dear Parishioner,


Lent is a sombre time, marked by abstaining from Alleluia and from Gloria, marked by our accepting a more frugal daily life, in company with our Lord in the desert.  But it’s more:  Lent can also remind us of the beginning of God’s life in us at Baptism.  So, Lent can be a Springtime, a time of grace, when we discover anew God’s steadfast love and mercy for us.

Lent is the first act in the 40-day journey towards celebrating the three days of the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and for this the temptations were a kind of preview.  Jesus not only triumphed where Israel failed; he set before his disciples and us the way to go.  He chose to be the Messiah who eschewed violence.  And he disclaimed all power whether it was over nature to serve His appetite; over humans for the sake of glory; or over God for His own survival.

In the desert he starkly confronted his human desire for food, for power and for recognition.  Our Lenten journey also brings us up against our limitations.  By fasting, we confront our dependence, becoming more conscious of the One who answers our deepest needs.  This draws us to trust him in prayer and to resemble him in his outreach, by taking our part in attending those in need.

All the temptations of Jesus seem to be about resorting to magic instead of working with the fabric of the real world.  Satan wants Jesus to join him in a world where cause and effect don’t matter; a world of magic; Jesus refuses, determined to stay in the desert with its hunger and boredom, to stay in the human world with its conflict and risk.


God Bless


Canon Francis Brown

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