Art Competition week 25th January 2021 | St Joseph's Convent Primary School Newry

Art Competition week 25th January 2021

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Art Competition week 25th January 2021

Art Competition
Thank you to all the boys and girl who sent pictures of their colouring in and doodles. It was lovely to see all the beautiful colours used and your creativity.

Art can be created using nearly any medium; artists use paint, clay, charcoal, and ink to create their works. Artists like Andy Goldsworthy, though, use materials that are a little more unexpected. Andy Goldsworthy is a renowned British artist who works with found natural elements, natural elements, and his work has been inspiring children and adults alike all around the world!
This type of art is known as Transient Art –you can move it and change it.

The Artist
• Andy Goldsworthy is inspired by all aspects of the natural world, including snowflakes, twigs, icicles, reeds, tree roots, and rocks.
• He has said that his goal is to understand nature by becoming a part of it, and he considers his creations to be transient because they, like any other part of nature, are destined to change over time.
The Method
• Because of the transient nature of his art, he always photographs a sculpture after it is complete. Because pieces will naturally change over time, this is the only way for him to record what he has made.
Can You Try It ?
• You can take inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy's art to make your own!
• Use found materials - your goal is not to interrupt nature's processes by picking plants and flowers, but to use what you can find on the ground, like branches, thorns, leaves, etc.
• You can make any kind of art you want. Goldworthy typically make sculptures, but you can create natural collages on the grass, weave branches and fallen bark, or follow the artist's example and create a rock sculpture
• So this week I would like you to go on a walk and pick up natural materials e.g twigs, pebbles or leaves –anything you thing you think is interesting.
• All you have to do to be inspired by nature is to look around! You can do this activity on the ground and take a photograph or on a large page.

Please send photographs to:

There will be a prize for the most imaginative and creative pictures.

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