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Art should be fun

Art should be fun
In school we tell the children: Art is never wrong! It’s their work and their ideas.
For the next few weeks I would like to suggest art activities that you can do as a family.
I know lots of you like colouring. It is a great way to relax, be calm and focus. I have attached some mindfulness colouring sheets for you to print off and use.
If you don’t have a printer you could use your own colouring in books or draw and colour some pictures of your own. You all have great imaginations.
But everyone loves to doodle –doodle art is a great way to take basic shapes and just explore on a page. Doodling is beneficial for creativity, relaxing and focusing. Just turn on some music and see where your pencil leads you.
Doodling tips:
1.Warm up-flex your hands and wrists. Draw simple lines .
2.Start drawing basic shapes.
3.vary the thickness of your lines.
4.Draw big and small shapes.
5.Remember there is no right or wrong way!! HAVE FUN!!
Everyone can get involved.
You can send pictures to
We will be putting these up on the app for everyone to see.

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